Top Must Visit Restaurants in Durham NC


Durham, North Carolina has for several years now witnessed a mushrooming of new restaurants that are determined to bring new tastes to the city.

One of the outstanding concepts employed by restaurant owners here is the farm to form concept where restaurants enumerate the different farms from which they source the produce. If you find yourself in Durham in the morning and you want to have a great breakfast, certain restaurants are sure not to disappoint.

Below are some of the restaurants whose worth has been proven over time to leave it’s customers happy.

Rise Biscuits and Doughnuts

Rise Biscuits and Doughnuts is one of the old restaurants in Durham that started out as a food truck. Today, this restaurant is home to chef-driven delicious doughnuts and biscuits which

combine different flavors. You can sample a variety of breakfast treaties such as apple pop tart with cinnamon icing or chocolate cake with bacon and poblano chiles sorghum icing.

It’s always open starting 7 a.m. all the way to 2 p.m., and their flavors are always updated on their social media page.


40892369 - hand decorated artisan donuts on wooden rustic table, from above


Monuts Donuts

Monuts Donuts is a bakery that begun as a doughnut bike and then grew to occupy a strategic downtown location in Durham. Their flavors are simply amazing. The chefs in charge; Rob

Gillespie and Lindsay Moriarty have mastered the art of breakfast and always strive to prepare great salads, sandwiches, and coffee drinks. The best thing about this restaurant is that

everything is made fresh on a daily basis and doors open starting from 7 a.m.


Scratch Baking

Scratch Baking is a breakfast joint run by a chef, Phoebe Lawless, who is also the owner. They serve exceptional food, and you should specifically try out their fried bologna sandwich which is

made from homemade bread. Their ingredients are locally sourced, and this is why their food is fresh all the time.


Foster’s Market

Foster’s Market has been in operation for over 20 years under the able leadership of Sarah Foster, the owner. They have a wide array of merchandise and a very elaborate menu board

having lots of breakfast dishes. Even if you don’t like cake as much, try out their breakfast cake here because it is delicious. Foster’s makes everything from scratch, and their breakfast is

plentiful. You can get omelets heaped with fruits, potatoes, biscuits, bacon, or ham. If you want to combine breakfast and lunch (brunch), they have lots of specials you can sample. The

restaurant opens at precisely 7.30 a.m. to cater for those who want early breakfast.


14794959 - a spinach and feta cheese omelet with potatoes o'brian
Omelet and hash browns, perfect combination

Parker and Otis

Parker and Otis is a combined restaurant and a gift shop. It is complete with a spectacular candy selection that has all the throwback sweets you can ever imagine. If you want to sample North

Carolina delicacies, this is the joint to visit. Their breakfast menu consists of sandwiches that you can order and eat on the spot as well as big platters for you to take to the office. They offer

assorted pastries, ham biscuits, bagels, and smoked salmon. They do deliveries just in case you cannot make it to the restaurant. Opening hours are from 7.30 a.m.