Tow Trucks and the Common Towing Services offered in Durham, North Carolina (Part 1)

Towing is one of the types of businesses in Raleigh that is provided at the highest standards possible using top of the range equipment and trucks. The kind of vehicle deployed is determined by the scenario at hand whether it is an emergency or heavy duty towing. The following are the types of tow trucks you will find in Raleigh.

15376052 - two large hooks on back of rescue recovery truck
two large hooks on back of rescue recovery truck

Hook and Chain Trucks

Though these trucks were popular in the past, their popularity is slowly decreasing. The reason for the decline in popularity is because of the discovery of damage to the front end and bumpers to the cars being towed. Hook and chain trucks operate by looping chains around the axle or vehicle frame and after that the vehicle is drawn aloft with the help of a boom winch. If your car is damaged or has been through an accident and one or two of its wheels is missing, this type of truck can be useful in the towing process.