Wheel-Lift Truck (Part II)

Wheel-Lift Truck
Regarding design, this truck is similar to the hook and chain. For more information about wheel-lift trucks, please contact Emergency Towing Durham here. However, instead of using the chain and the hook, wheel-lift trucks make use of a metal yoke which securely fits under the rear or front wheels. Once the wheels are correctly positioned in the cradle of the yoke, the rear or front end of the vehicle is then lifted clear of the ground through a hydraulic or pneumatic hoist and then towed. Placed on the vehicle’s drive wheels, the yoke only touches the tires, and this means no damage is caused to the bumpers.

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Flatbed Truck
This truck is structurally different from the wheel-lift and hook and chain trucks. It is fitted with a hydraulically inclined bed onto which the car is driven and properly secured by a truck-mounted winch. In situations where there are emergencies in Raleigh, you will most likely see these types of trucks used for towing.


42815333 - tow truck.

Vehicle Towing Services
Having seen the trucks above, it is also important to know the kind of towing services you can get in Raleigh. There are 4 main types of towing services as discussed below: Lightweight and Medium Towing. This service is for lightweight and medium weight vehicles. The companies offering this service in Raleigh are experts in car lockout services, jump starts, and other kind of assistances. If your vehicle falls in this category due to being involved in an accident then, you can get in touch with the respective towing companies in Raleigh.


Heavy Duty Towing Services
As the name suggests, Heavy Duty Towing Services are precisely as their name suggests and utilized when the vehicle needing a two is larger and heavy than average. The companies offering this service can also provide roadside assistance where needed.


If you want to push your automobile out of mud, ditch, or snow, winch-outs are the services you should look for in Raleigh. The towing companies possess some equipment such as booms which help in lifting your vehicle out of the mud. In addition to the above services, towing companies in Raleigh also have off-recovery services which can come in handy most especially when you find yourself in a problematic situation. These companies mostly help you complete your journey by bringing your vehicle onto the road safely.