Wheel-Lift Truck (Part II)

Wheel-Lift Truck
Regarding design, this truck is similar to the hook and chain. For more information about wheel-lift trucks, please contact Emergency Towing Durham here. However, instead of using the chain and the hook, wheel-lift trucks make use of a metal yoke which securely fits under the rear or front wheels. Once the wheels are correctly positioned in the cradle of the yoke, the rear or front end of the vehicle is then lifted clear of the ground through a hydraulic or pneumatic hoist and then towed. Placed on the vehicle’s drive wheels, the yoke only touches the tires, and this means no damage is caused to the bumpers.

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Flatbed Truck
This truck is structurally different from the wheel-lift and hook and chain trucks. It is fitted with a hydraulically inclined bed onto which the car is driven and properly secured by a truck-mounted winch. In situations where there are emergencies in Raleigh, you will most likely see these types of trucks used for towing.


42815333 - tow truck.

Vehicle Towing Services
Having seen the trucks above, it is also important to know the kind of towing services you can get in Raleigh. There are 4 main types of towing services as discussed below: Lightweight and Medium Towing. This service is for lightweight and medium weight vehicles. The companies offering this service in Raleigh are experts in car lockout services, jump starts, and other kind of assistances. If your vehicle falls in this category due to being involved in an accident then, you can get in touch with the respective towing companies in Raleigh.


Heavy Duty Towing Services
As the name suggests, Heavy Duty Towing Services are precisely as their name suggests and utilized when the vehicle needing a two is larger and heavy than average. The companies offering this service can also provide roadside assistance where needed.


If you want to push your automobile out of mud, ditch, or snow, winch-outs are the services you should look for in Raleigh. The towing companies possess some equipment such as booms which help in lifting your vehicle out of the mud. In addition to the above services, towing companies in Raleigh also have off-recovery services which can come in handy most especially when you find yourself in a problematic situation. These companies mostly help you complete your journey by bringing your vehicle onto the road safely.


Outstanding Annual Events in Raleigh- Durham, NC

Outstanding Annual Events in Raleigh-Durham, NC

Events in general make a city lively and the more they are, the colorful the lifestyle of the residents. If this describes any city, then that city has to be Raleigh. In this city, there are lots of events that run throughout the year from St. Patrick’s Day to the First Night Raleigh. Just in case you are wondering the timing of annual events in Raleigh, below is a discussion on some of them.


Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival

Beginning 1983, both locals and visitors here have been celebrating this unique Irish heritage. It started out as a humble and small parade and it has grown into a citywide event with a spectacular parade. During the celebration that is held in March, lots of vendors participate, selling anything from Irish jewelry and souvenirs to various foods. There is also live entertainment, games, and a variety of activities for children.


Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

This is an event held annually in the month of April, and it is dedicated to the non-fiction cinema theatrical exhibition. Every spring, lots of filmmakers and enthusiasts from around the globe visit the historical downtown Durham where they spend four days running from morning to midnight sampling over 100 films and participating in discussions. This film festival creates a crucial landscape which in turn fosters community and conversation between film professionals, filmmakers, and the public.


Raleigh Rock n’ Roll Marathon

Each spring on the month of April, the City of Oaks hosts thousands of runners from different parts of the country for the Raleigh Rock n’ Roll Marathon and half marathon. Many visitors come as well to witness this race and some of them end up staying the entire weekend to experience what Raleigh has to offer.


The World Beer Festival

Veterans and beer amateurs gather in Raleigh and Durham every April and October respectively for the World Beer Festival. The Durham festival is held in October while its Raleigh counterpart takes place in April. Buying a ticket to any of these festivals gives you an opportunity to enjoy a variety of live music played by local bands while at the same time sampling a wide array of beers coming from over 100 breweries. There is also lots of great food.



Just as its name suggests, Artsplosure is simply an explosion of culture and art. This festival is also known as Raleigh Arts Festival and is held annually in the month of May at City Plaza and Moore Square. It lasts for two days and features amazing and impressive displays from craftspeople and visual artists. Entertainment from live performers and delicious specialty dishes also abound.


North Carolina State Fair

This event which is held every October dates back to 1853. It serves to bring the community together for information, celebration, entertainment, and contests. It takes place for a period of 10 days and features almost everything including fireworks, concerts, tractor pulls, and demolition derbies. There are lots of great activities for everybody from kids to adults. In December, the Raleigh community is treated to a New Year’s Eve celebration known as the


First Night Raleigh

This event brings together visitors and locals as they usher in yet another year in grand style.


Tow Trucks and the Common Towing Services offered in Durham, North Carolina (Part 1)

Towing is one of the types of businesses in Raleigh that is provided at the highest standards possible using top of the range equipment and trucks. The kind of vehicle deployed is determined by the scenario at hand whether it is an emergency or heavy duty towing. The following are the types of tow trucks you will find in Raleigh.

15376052 - two large hooks on back of rescue recovery truck
two large hooks on back of rescue recovery truck

Hook and Chain Trucks

Though these trucks were popular in the past, their popularity is slowly decreasing. The reason for the decline in popularity is because of the discovery of damage to the front end and bumpers to the cars being towed. Hook and chain trucks operate by looping chains around the axle or vehicle frame and after that the vehicle is drawn aloft with the help of a boom winch. If your car is damaged or has been through an accident and one or two of its wheels is missing, this type of truck can be useful in the towing process.


Top Must Visit Restaurants in Durham NC


Durham, North Carolina has for several years now witnessed a mushrooming of new restaurants that are determined to bring new tastes to the city.

One of the outstanding concepts employed by restaurant owners here is the farm to form concept where restaurants enumerate the different farms from which they source the produce. If you find yourself in Durham in the morning and you want to have a great breakfast, certain restaurants are sure not to disappoint.

Below are some of the restaurants whose worth has been proven over time to leave it’s customers happy.

Rise Biscuits and Doughnuts

Rise Biscuits and Doughnuts is one of the old restaurants in Durham that started out as a food truck. Today, this restaurant is home to chef-driven delicious doughnuts and biscuits which

combine different flavors. You can sample a variety of breakfast treaties such as apple pop tart with cinnamon icing or chocolate cake with bacon and poblano chiles sorghum icing.

It’s always open starting 7 a.m. all the way to 2 p.m., and their flavors are always updated on their social media page.


40892369 - hand decorated artisan donuts on wooden rustic table, from above


Monuts Donuts

Monuts Donuts is a bakery that begun as a doughnut bike and then grew to occupy a strategic downtown location in Durham. Their flavors are simply amazing. The chefs in charge; Rob

Gillespie and Lindsay Moriarty have mastered the art of breakfast and always strive to prepare great salads, sandwiches, and coffee drinks. The best thing about this restaurant is that

everything is made fresh on a daily basis and doors open starting from 7 a.m.


Scratch Baking

Scratch Baking is a breakfast joint run by a chef, Phoebe Lawless, who is also the owner. They serve exceptional food, and you should specifically try out their fried bologna sandwich which is

made from homemade bread. Their ingredients are locally sourced, and this is why their food is fresh all the time.


Foster’s Market

Foster’s Market has been in operation for over 20 years under the able leadership of Sarah Foster, the owner. They have a wide array of merchandise and a very elaborate menu board

having lots of breakfast dishes. Even if you don’t like cake as much, try out their breakfast cake here because it is delicious. Foster’s makes everything from scratch, and their breakfast is

plentiful. You can get omelets heaped with fruits, potatoes, biscuits, bacon, or ham. If you want to combine breakfast and lunch (brunch), they have lots of specials you can sample. The

restaurant opens at precisely 7.30 a.m. to cater for those who want early breakfast.


14794959 - a spinach and feta cheese omelet with potatoes o'brian
Omelet and hash browns, perfect combination

Parker and Otis

Parker and Otis is a combined restaurant and a gift shop. It is complete with a spectacular candy selection that has all the throwback sweets you can ever imagine. If you want to sample North

Carolina delicacies, this is the joint to visit. Their breakfast menu consists of sandwiches that you can order and eat on the spot as well as big platters for you to take to the office. They offer

assorted pastries, ham biscuits, bagels, and smoked salmon. They do deliveries just in case you cannot make it to the restaurant. Opening hours are from 7.30 a.m.